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Talking sex with mum and dad

The idea of talking about sex with your parents is enough to make you cringe with discomfort. Nothing comes even remotely close to being as awkward as having to raise the subject of sex with your mother or father (or both). The fact that you want to discuss sex openly, however, is a good sign of your growing maturity. It can be a turning point in your relationship with your parents and signals to them that you are moving into adulthood.

Talking sex with mum and dad 2 Most parents dread having to discuss sex with their children as well. You may feel that this is going to be an uncomfortable conversation and you may be having difficulties deciding how and when to raise the subject. Your parents are probably going through the same mental anguish. Parents have an uncanny knack of picking up on signals and if you are wanting to talk about sex, chances are they know it and are trying to find the right time and place as well.

Even though you love both your parents, you may have a connection with either your mother or father that you think it would be easier to talk about sex with. Even this can be a difficult decision to make. In some ways, it maybe be easier to choose the parent that you have a little distance from in conversations as this may help frame the sex conversation so that after it is over, you can resume your normal relationship. Sometimes, with a close parent, the sex conversation can change the dynamics of your relationship and create a little more distance as your parent tries to give you the space you need to grow.

At times it is easier to simply choose the parent of the same gender – your mother if you are a girl, or your father if you are a boy. This allows you to also talk about any biological changes or experiences you are having as well.

Mother talking to son

Finding out details of sex from friends is the number one source of sex information for young people. The problem with this is that it is easy for misinformation to get shared amongst your social group. Also, not everyone’s sexual experiences are the same and if the information is based on the experiences of one of your friends, this may not be pertinent to you. While there is a freedom in talking about sex with your friends, the information only takes you so far.

Finding the right time to talk about sex with your parents is crucial. Try to make time for a real conversation – where you will not be interrupted too much – and start with more general topics to build a rapport and easy flow to your conversation. This will calm your nerves and make your parent feel at ease as well. Trust your instincts and when there is a bond in your conversation, start to steer the conversation onto sex.

Sex chats with mum and dad are excruciatingly painful at times but are an essential part of growing up. The sex conversation with your parents is a true milestone in your maturity.

Motivating your child, establishing good communication and relationship

In Motivating your child and establishing learning, always remember that one way to make your child’s study time more efficient and to achieve maximum productivity is to set a specific goal and to keep track of your child’s progress. Right after your child reaches a specific objective, give him or her reward. This way, you will improve and maintain your child’s enthusiasm. Motivating your child

Motivation is needed for reinforcement; it is an important condition for learning. A single response must be reinforced to help increase its strength, like a reward, which allows the response to be valued and repeated.

Do not show too much expectation from your child, if your child fails, always assure him/her that it is okay, tell him/her that you are not disappointed and that he/she could always try his/her best next time. If you show too much expectation from your child and he/she fails to do what is expected, it is more likely for him/her to be depressed. And if this continues, this will result to him/her having a very low self-esteem.

Most children, loses their enthusiasm when they keep on failing. Make your child feel and know that failures are just a part of growing up that it is part of the process and you still love him/her regardless of the failures. Let your child know that failure is a normal thing and through each failure there is new learning.

Engage your child into things that they really like the most. Encourage and fully support them with their dreams and goals. Let them explore and try new things. For example, if they are into arts or music, enroll them to a music class or art class. Let them follow their dreams, not your dreams. It is not right to push them into something that they don’t really like, because in the end, they are the ones who will live their life and if they are not happy with what they’re doing and if they are doing that just to please their parents, most likely, they will not succeed. And they will have a hard time searching for themselves. So while they’re young, give them your support because that is what your child really needs. A parent should guide their children and not command them, let them decide and give them advice. Smothering your child will not do any help, a good communication between you and your kid is very important.

Motivating your child 2

You need to take time to listen to them, and ask them what they want. Give them love and understand them, surely they will be successful individuals when they grow up and surely they will be thankful to you for helping them achieve what they wanted to be.

Another way to motivate your child is to praise your child to every little good thing he/she does. Always acknowledge what he/she did, most especially at his/her performance at school or even at home. Acknowledge simple things like when your child helps you at household chores. Tell him/her that he/she is doing a good job and say kind words like “thank you” and “I love you”. This will not only help your child have a self esteem but it will also teach him/her good manners and values. She will then learn to say thank you, your welcome, please, and so on. Establishing a good relationship with your child while he/she is young is very important. Childhood plays a major role in adulthood stage, so the parents must be very careful because a child is very fragile and delicate.


There is nothing as important as the academic success of your child in today’s world full of competitions. A child who is successful at school, is more likely to be successful in his life. Good grades can help your child get to a nice college and from there you’ll be ensured that your child will make enough money to live a cozy life. But academic success is not easy to achieve, efforts must be used.  So here’s a short summary on how you can encourage your child to achieve academic success;

ASSIST YOUR CHILDREN IN GAINING ACADEMIC SUCCESS 2 Be interested. Try to find out what is happening at school. Ask them questions on everything they have done at school. Is there anything they liked? What is the current book they have read? What do they learn in math? Etc

Tell them your expectations. Talk to them on what you expect from them, are they supposed to do their home works before they go to play? Are you expecting certain grades on their report cards? Is he supposed to prioritize studies before other extracurricular activities? Are they supposed to attend all of their classes? You need to recognize that as a parent, what you expect from them should clear and realistic.

Praise them. It’s clear that not all children will get the same straight A’s. What matters a lot is their efforts and not their grade, so always praise them for putting much effort. Make sure there is good attendance at school, if they don’t attend school they will not learn what has been taught that day hence they’ll suffer. Don’t take them out of school to attend some events that are not related to school.

Good health habits are vital. It is shown by research that students who have a good enough sleep and have a well breakfast tend to do better in school than those who are hungry and had less sleep. Ensure a healthy breakfast each morning though many kids are sometimes late and don’t want to take breakfast so you can have quickly breakfast stuffs like breakfast bars and cupcakes.

Talk with your child’s classroom teacher. Teachers are always happy to discuss about children’s progress with parents because they want success for their students.


Supervise his homework. Many students are poor in class because they fail to submit their homework plus if your child will not do the assignments, they will not be in a position to know the information during the time of test. Arrange a certain time every day for your child to do his homework. If you think the television distracts them, you can establish an area where there is less distractions.

Guide them on time management. A lot of students can’t manage well their time. Teach them to learn to work on big assignments and then do the small ones every day. In this case, they won’t have to rush in submitting homework the night before.  All of these will yield to successful children.